About the Artist


About the Artist


BRADLEY LASTNAME  moved to Chicago in 1978 and began creating a body of work that raised dada, existentialism and the absurd to a new level.

His work...2- and 3- dimensional collages, paintings, sculpture, poetry and prose...has been published, shown in museums and galleries, and presented in one-man shows, throughout the U.S.

Chris Manse, of the Muse Apprentice Guild, says:

"Absurdity is a difficult thing to do well, and Bradley Lastname is an exception to that rule.  To exclaim from the roof of a burning building that all is well even though the cats and dogs raining down from the skies are attempting to put out the flames.

Mr. Lastname has run No Tickee / No Washee Enterprises, an emporium of guerrealist painting, collage and fiction since 1977.


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Bradley Lastname

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